University of Toronto Ironsports Club

Find your strength.

So you’re curious about strength training or you’ve already been training for a while. You’re looking to meet other students like you: intelligent, ambitious, hard-working, and interested in staying healthy. Or maybe, that’s the kind of person you want to become. 

We’re here to provide you with the community & resources you need to start lifting. If you already train, we can help you get better. 

For some, lifting can be meditation, for others, picking heavy things up and putting them down is just a great way to de-stress with your friends. Our members know, regardless of how life, work, & school go - 200 pounds is always 200 pounds. 

Building better students.

The University of Toronto Ironsports Club (UTIS) is non-profit student strength training community. Founded in March 2012, U of T Ironsports was created to make strength sports accessible to more students. University is challenging - and so is achieving a healthy, balanced lifestyle. We provide students with the community & resources they need start lifting and get stronger.

Powerlifting is a sport that can be practiced by participants of any age, body-type, and athletic background. These full-body movements make your strength workouts simple and efficient. Progress is tangible - you can always add more to the bar - and there is always room to improve. You have the flexibility to train at a time most convenient to you, and when the time is right you can show off your hard work at our Classic 3-Lift Powerlifting Competitions, or make some new training partners at our Open Training Days. We also host training & nutrition seminars to make sure you’re well informed. 

We know it's not easy, and that's why we're here. Join us as we work hard, fail, work harder & find our strength.